Cats are Man’s Best Friend.

A great, witty read!

is this really adulthood?

Alternative title: Five Signs You Are Actually the Crazy Cat Lady.

For many reasons, some valid, cats are often looked at as the less affectionate, filled-with-attitude balls of priss pet compared to the overly lovable, adorably slobbering dog. Well, get ready cat-lovers, I’m about to shine a light on the greatness a pet cat has to offer.

1.) A cat will give you your space when needed. Sometimes we need to be alone, completely solitude and silent, and a cat will always be right there to ignore you in those times.

2.) Cats are clean. You’ll never hear a cat owner complain about needing to go home to let the cat out, or having to give the cat a bath because they smell musty.

3.) Cat’s actually know what they want, and will tell you. With a cat, you’ll never wonder why little Fluffy used to play with her toys…

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