Why we Gen X/Yer’s need to get over the Baby Boomers’ errors, and quickly

Read on, Gen X!

John's Head


A recent study listed the seven things the middle class can no longer afford, including dental work, medical care, new cars, and retirement savings.  Most of this stuff has become unaffordable to Gen X/Yers and, consequently, has us blaming the Baby Boomer generation, accusing them of mass selfishness and vapidity.  That, however, is not entirely fair.  We, as a generation, need to look in the mirror.  Here are some things we are blaming the Boomers for, and why we need to get over ourselves rather quickly.

ISSUE:  Vanishing retirement opportunities

Why we are blaming boomers:  This is an easy blame assignment; they frittered away our economy with selfish entitlement attitudes and the notion that Wall Street was one massive casino where the “house money” was theirs to do with as they pleased.  Now, the belief is that they should be to work as long as they want, reinvent…

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