The Zen of Aging: Ten Years Apart

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Of all the people I could spend time with, I chose myself as my personal favorite… and what is this thirty-something cougar trying to tell the twenty-something babe?



She entered the cafe elegantly, her skirt complimenting her feminine curves, her heels rhythmically ticking on the floor… she entered with a smile concealing deep-rooted insecurity. I didn’t even bother to provide any type of prelude.

– You will be fine, perfectly fine. Trust me. You will never get stuck in a meaningless job with a crazy boss… you will rather, for the most part, be one of your own and, as Uranus in your Second house predicted, you will have financial ups and downs. At times, you will be wealthier than people you work for now, and at times you will be broke. But, you will be fine…

– Please, even if you do know all that will happen to me, do not reveal, please. I do not want to miss all the fun because, that is what this life is all about. Just… just say what you feel I should know… what you feel if I’d known my life would have been easier. Only that, nothing more.

– You will be fine, you’ll see. Guess that is pretty much all you need to know. You will have a bunch of cats, but will not end up alone. You will love and you will be loved. But, most importantly, you will learn to love yourself and will grow to love yourself to ludicrous. And that will be just fabulous. So, do not worry. You will be perfectly fine.

She smiled. I couldn’t grasp whether she believed me or not, but she did seem a bit relieved. It might have been exactly what she needed to hear and, come to think of it – isn’t it what we all need to hear: a plain assurance that things will work out just fine in the end?



Today I love the twenty-something babe more than I used to back then.

It did require strength and courage… and a little bit of luck, I guess, to get where I am now but, despite all in the visible realm, the greatest achievement I came to is being at peace with myself. I used to be prettier, firmer, younger, but, although I would not have changed a thing even if I could, I would not go back just to be younger.

Maturity holds an uncanny charm unrecognizable to young… the charm of accepting oneself with not even a glimpse of judgement, and the tranquility of not feeling the urge to control anything. That is what I call peace.


Love Gina Wings


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