Your Ladyhood. Upgraded.

You have to be unique, and different, and shine in your own way.

– Lady Gaga

You might already be a skilled Lady, but wish to refine those skills… or you have completed my What is Your Ladyhood  Program and wish to master it all… regardless, Your Ladyhood. Upgraded. is the right for you!

Created as an extended Program, Your Ladyhood. Upgraded. goes into fine details of being a Lady, fine-tuning your skills and bringing out the best and classiest You there is! The Program consists of twelve sessions that will guide you on this exciting path. Once you’re completed, you will be ready to conquer any social situation with class and grace.

Contact me and schedule the first session.

To promote the art of Ladyhood, first introductory session is complimentary.

You may combine it with What is Your Ladyhood and get a discount!